Mid-Course Assessment

Every Fall and Spring, the Center for Technology Enhanced Learning (CTEL)’s Mid-Course Assessment (MCA) helps University of Southern Maine (USM) faculty receive anonymous feedback from their students regarding specific areas of their course design and teaching, and make any necessary changes. Hundreds of students answer this survey each semester. This survey is not required by the university. Results are kept confidential, shared only with individual faculty members and select members of CTEL, and not be considered as part of student evaluations of teaching. Please direct all questions to Rucha Modak at rucha.modak@maine.edu or Ryan Hatcher at ryan.hatcher@maine.edu, and not to the Office of Academic Assessment.

As previously indicated, all of the data collection and processing will be conducted through Qualtrics rather than Google Forms. If you would like to use a google form to collect data please indicate that in the sign-up form, and we will work with you to facilitate your MCA. Please see below a quick summary of the MCA timeline for the Spring 2024 semester:

  • Instructor sign-up will begin February 2nd and last until February 23rd.
  • Student assessments will open February 19th for those who signed up by February 19th, and upon sign-up for those after.
  • Data and reports will be available on request starting February 26th and provided to you automatically starting March 4th for student responses collected by March 1st
  • The student assessment will remain open for the duration of the semester; however additional reports after March 4th must be requested directly at ryan.hatcher@maine.edu.

The survey has two sections: “The Syllabus” and “The Instructor and Learning Environment”. Both sections pose quantitative questions and allow open-ended feedback.

Click here to view a preview of the Mid-Course Assessment.

Only you and select members of CTEL will have access to the assessment feedback. Please click on the button following to request to participate in this semester’s Mid-Course Assessment with the standard questions. Please note, you must be logged into your USM account to access it.