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The Teaching Collaborative has brought together information from all across the university to create USM Design for Learning, your one-stop teaching resource hub. Bookmark the site here.

Essential Connections To Do:

Progress Report info here: Students often don’t know how they are doing in their courses, or make inaccurate assumptions (sometimes even that they are doing poorly when they are not, perhaps because of imposter syndrome).

The Progress Report is designed to provide students with feedback from the instructor at any point of the semester. The Progress Report offers an array of feedback features including:

  • Students simultaneously receiving faculty feedback via email and the Navigate USM smartphone app.
  • A USM-centric list of Progress Report “reasons,” each pre-loaded with direct links to related academic support resources.
  • The option of sending Progress Reports to multiple students from the same screen.

NOTE: for your convenience, the “Submit a Progress Report” link is also available via the “Assessments” tab in every Brightspace shell. Consider sharing feedback with your students via the Progress Report early in the semester, and at any subsequent point

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