Can I make a copy of a VoiceThread presentation without its comments?

Yes! In fact, we strongly recommend that you do this.

If you’re having students comment on a VoiceThread presentation, you’ll want to make a new version of it each term so that students in your new course won’t see comments added by students in earlier terms. Fortunately, VoiceThread makes it easy for you to make a copy of a presentation without including its comments.

  1. Hover over the presentation you want to make a copy of in your VoiceThread account, then click the copy icon, which looks like a pair of files. The “Copy VoiceThreads” window will open.
  2. Give your presentation a new title. By default, your presentation’s original title preceded by “Copy of” will be listed.
  3. Select an option in the “Which comments would you like to keep?” menu:
    • Select Include only my comments if you recorded narration for your presentation.
    • Select Don’t include any comments if you only responded to comments added by students.
  4. Click the Copy button at the bottom of the window. It will close, and the new copy of your presentation will appear on your main VoiceThread account page.
If you copied your VoiceThread from within a group’s page, your new copy won’t appear on that page because copied presentations are not automatically shared with any groups. You’ll need to locate the new copy of the presentation in your main VoiceThread gallery, then share it with the appropriate group.