Can I make a Zoom meeting in Google Calendar?

The simplest way to set up Zoom meetings is with your Google Calendar. Installing the Zoom Browser Extension will allow you to do this.

Installing the Zoom Browser Extension for Chrome & Firefox

  1. Log into Zoom, either at or through the MyCampus portal. Your account settings will be displayed.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the Download link for the browser you’re using, either Chrome or Firefox A download page for the extension or plug-in will open in a new tab.
  3. Add Zoom to your browser:
    1. For Firefox, click the + Add to Firefox button. A dialog box may open that asks you to confirm whether you want to add Zoom; click Yes if it does. Once Zoom has been added to your browser, a confirmation dialog box will appear.
    2. For Chrome, click the + Add to Chrome button. A dialog box asking you to confirm that you want to add “Zoom Scheduler” will open; click the Add extension button. The dialog box will close, and once Zoom has been added to your browser, a confirm dialog box will appear.
  4. Other boxes may appear that you have to accept depending on your browser version.
  5. Click the Allow button if you are asked to accept a connection between your account and Zoom.
If for some reason these instructions do not work, see Zoom’s official instructions for installing their browser extensions at the Zoom Help Center.
There is no addon for Safari or Edge. You will need to create meetings via or from the Zoom desktop App, Zoom for iOS, or Zoom for Android.
Screenshot showing the location of the download links for Zoom browser extensions
Steps 1 & 2: Locating the download options for Zoom browser extensions
Screenshot showing the page for the Zoom add on for Firefox
Step 3b: Enabling the Zoom add on for Firefox
Screenshot showing the download page for the Zoom extension for Chrome
Step 3b: Adding the Zoom extension for Chrome
Screenshot showing how to confirm Zoom access to your Google calendar
Step 6: Confirming that Zoom can access your Google Calendar