How do I access Kaltura?

You can log in to your Kaltura account at using your credentials, or you can access it through Blackboard.

A link to Kaltura automatically appears on Blackboard’s front page in a widget called “My Media.” To find it,

  1. Log in to your Blackboard account. The system’s home page will be displayed.
  2. Scroll down to bottom of the page. You’ll see a widget called My Media on the left side. (If you haven’t modified your Blackboard home page, it’ll appear under the “Blackboard Essentials for Students” widget.)
  3. Click the My Media link in this widget to open Kaltura.
Drag the My Media widget closer to the top of your Blackboard home page so that it’s easier to find in the future. Just under the Tools widget is a good spot.
Screenshot showing the location of the My Media link on the Blackboard homepage
Step 3: Locating the MyMedia link, which opens your Kaltura account