How do I add an assignment?

Blackboard’s assignments tool allows you to create a digital folder in your course into which students can submit their work. When you create an assignment, a column is automatically added to Grade Center for it for you.

Creating a Basic Assignment

  1. Go to a content folder within your course.
  2. Click the Assessments button to open its dropdown menu.
  3. Select the Assignment option. The “Create Assignment” page will open.
  4. Enter a name for your assignment in the “Name and Color” textbox.
  5. Enter information for the assignment in the “Instructions” textbox.
  6. Enter a number in the “Points Possible” field in the “Grading” section. This is required. If you’re unsure about what number to enter, use “100.”
  7. Set any advanced assignment options, which are below the “Grading” section. These options are outlined in the set of instructions below.
  8. Click the Submit button.
Adding an Assignment to a Content Folder
Steps 2 & 3: Adding an assignment to a content folder
Screenshot showing the location of steps 6 and 7
Steps 6 & 7: Specifying a points value for your assignment and locating advanced settings

Selecting Advanced Options for Assignments

  1. Attach any external files your students will need to complete the assignment under “Assignment Files.”
  2. Set a due date in the “Due Dates” section.
  3. Click Submission Details to set the following options:
    • If you are using groups, you can make this a group assignment under “Assignment Type.”
    • If you want to allow students to submit an assignment more than once, enter a number in the “Number of Attempts” textbox. (Great for allowing students to practice difficult concepts with minimal penalty for being wrong!)
    • If you want to turn on plagiarism detection,┬áselect SafeAssign under “Plagiarism Tools.” (Read more about SafeAssign.)
  4. Click Grading Options to set the following options:
    • Anonymous Grading hides the names of your students while you grade to avoid implicit bias.
    • Delegated Grading can be used if you are co-teaching or have a teaching assistant to give them responsibility over grading this assignment.
Advanced Assignment Options
Steps 1-4: Selecting advanced options for an assignment