How do I add captions to my videos?

  1. Record your video or audio (and follow your script as closely as possible).
  2. Upload your completed video or audio to the My Media tool in Blackboard (or at After your file is uploaded, Kaltura will add machine captions to the media (usually within 90 minutes). A “captioning complete” tag will appear on your media when the captioning process is done.
  3. Click the pencil icon to the right of the video’s title in My Media once your video has been captioned. A page with the video’s editing options will open.
  4. Click the Captions tab to show the list of caption files available for your video.
  5. Click the Edit Captions button to open the Closed Caption Editor. A list of your video’s captions will appear in its left column, and the video will appear in its right column.
  6. Examine the captions in the left column, and make corrections to the text and timing as appropriate. You can also copy and paste text from your script if you have one.
  7. Use the Find and Replace fields above the left-hand column to quickly fix reoccurring errors in your captions.
  8. Click the Save button when you’re finished editing your captions. It’ll appear above the captions column once you’ve made changes.
  9. Click the Back link on the top-right side of the page to return to your video’s editing options page, or click your name in the top-right menu to navigate back to your My Media page.


  • Videos imported into Kaltura using the YouTube import tool do not get machine captions; however, if the video has captions in YouTube, they will be viewable in Kaltura’s player as well.
This screenshot illustrates where a user should click on a video in My Media to open the Edit page. There is a yellow arrow labeled '3' pointing at a small grey icon that looks like a pencil.
Step 3: Click the pencil icon to access video editing options.
Click the Captions tab to list the available caption files for a video.
Step 4: Click the Captions tab to list the available caption files for a video.