How do I add links to tools to my course menu?

You can add links to various Blackboard tools, such as Zoom or My Grades, to your course menu . To learn how, follow these steps or watch Blackboard’s “How to Add a Tool Link to your Course” video.

Add a Tool Link to your course menu

In this tutorial, we demonstrate adding a link to the My Grades to tool so students can check their progress in your course. The process is the same for adding a different tool; you’ll simply need to add a different name in step 2 and select the corresponding tool in step 3.

  1. Hover over the + icon at the top-left side of your course menu until its dropdown menu opens, then click the Tool Link option.
  2. Enter a name for the link, such as “My Grades.”
  3. Click the Type dropdown menu, then select My Grades. It’s the very last option on a very long list.
  4. Select the Available to Users box.
  5. Click the Submit button. The link to My Grades will now appear as the last link in your course menu.
Screenshot showing the option for adding a tool link to a Blackboard course menu
Step 1: Locating the option for adding a tool link to your course menu
Adding My Grades Tool Link
Steps 2-5: Creating a link to the My Grades Tool in your course menu