How do I change the page that students see first in my course?

By default, Blackboard shows the home page as the first page students see when they enter your course, but you can change this by setting a new Entry Point for your course.

View Video
Blackboard’s How to Design your Course Entry Point video on YouTube covers these steps and more.
  1. Go to the Customization section in your course menu. If it isn’t visible,
    1. Click the Control Panel link to expand its menu (if it isn’t already visible), then
    2. Click the Customization link to view its menu.
  2. Click the Teaching Style link. A page with your course’s style settings options will be displayed.
  3. Scroll down until you see the Select Course Entry Point section.
  4. Click the Entry Point dropdown menu, then select a new entry point for your course, i.e., Announcements or another page.
  5. Click the blue Submit button in the lower-right of the page.