How do I record video or audio with Kaltura?

Recording audio and video for the first time with Kaltura is a two-step process. (If you’ve already installed CaptureSpace, skip to step two.)

Step 1: Install CaptureSpace

CaptureSpace is Kaltura’s application for recording video or audio. To install CaptureSpace,

  1. Click the My Media link in the My Media widget on your Blackboard front page. The My Media page will open.
  2. Click the Add New button.
  3. Select CaptureSpace from its dropdown menu.

If CaptureSpace has not already been set up on your computer, you’ll automatically be taken to a page to download and install it the first time you try to open it. University College has an introductory video that walks you through this.

Once you’ve installed CaptureSpace, it’ll open automatically whenever you select it in the Add New menu’s options.
If you are unable to install CaptureSpace on your computer, contact the Technology Support Center at 1-800-696-4357 or
Screenshot showing the location of the link to Kaltura CaptureSpace
Steps 2 & 3: Finding the link to Kaltura CaptureSpace

Step 2: Record with CaptureSpace

This short video from Kaltura walks you through the basics of recording a video using CaptureSpace and uploading it to your My Media account.

If you want to create a podcast (i.e., an audio recording) instead of a video or screencast, the process is nearly the same. Just select the Voice option when CaptureSpace launches (rather than Screen or Webcam).

You can view this video and many others on the Kaltura Learning website. In addition, our friends at UMA University College also have a collection of help and tutorials on using Kaltura.