Student View: Developing Advocates

Test that reads: Student View: Developing Advocates
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Student Insight:

“Being stubborn and persistent about what you need and what you need accommodations for is key, and something I’ve noticed a lot of traditional students lack. When [students] come into higher ed, unfortunately they need to be taught that kind of stuff. We need to learn how to advocate.”

Identifying the Challenge:

While adult learners might have developed skills to self-advocate, young students may struggle speaking up for the help they need or identifying how to advocate for their needs clearly and appropriately.

Quick Tip:

Consider common challenges you see students struggle with, such as emailing you about missed assignments or concern for class standing. Creating “do’s and don’ts” examples for students on how they can get the support they need will help them in both your class and future classes they have.

The Student View offers simple tips developed in response to real student experiences voiced in focus groups and interviews conducted by the Center for Technology Enhanced Learning.

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