Student View: Expanding Student Opportunities

Text that reads: Student View: Expanding Student Opportunities

Student Insight:

“At a college, especially on an online format, it is hard to [self] advocate all the time, and it is difficult to actually know what all the opportunities are. There are so many here at USM, and if you don’t talk with professors, you won’t know what the opportunities are…kind of sometimes feels like you’ll slip through the cracks.”

Identifying the Challenge:

Online students might be looking for ways to be involved in your department or research, yet are unsure of how to navigate where opportunities lie when when they are not on campus.

Quick Tip:

Whether it is a discussion forum on BrightSpace, a Google Form, or simply a conversation during a synchronous class, providing a space for students to dream about opportunities they hope to have might offer you insight about how you could collaborate with students beyond your course, or colleagues who might be interested to work with them.

The Student View offers simple tips developed in response to real student experiences voiced in focus groups and interviews conducted by the Center for Technology Enhanced Learning.

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