Student View: Collaboration Competency

Text that reads: Student View: Collaboration Competency
Collaboration Competency Infographic. All information in text following.

Student Insight:

“The camaraderie I had with my fellow students really helped with our final project, which was to incorporate the literacy skills that we’ve been learning into our classroom. Now I use them without even thinking about it.”

Identifying the Challenge:

As students anchor down to reach finals, they may often impose isolation in the process, disengaging from working with their peers or engaging in class in general.

Quick Tip:

Consider the remaining assignments and assessments in your course. Identify where students can partner and give weekly updates on their process, whether it is assignment work, assessment preparation, or studying. Not only does this provide a launchpad for peer-support, but also improves student preparation and long-term planning competencies.

The Student View offers simple tips developed in response to real student experiences voiced in focus groups and interviews conducted by the Center for Technology Enhanced Learning.

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